Become An Introducer

Become an introducer and receive a renumeration

If you feel you have the opportunity to refer to us on a regular basis we can set you up a recognised referral partner. This will mean you will get a payment for all the introductions that go on to complete.

We will record your introduction and keep you updated throughout the process and work with you to maximise opportunities.

If you already work in finance but do not have the expertise or qualifications for certain areas such as Lifetime Mortgages then we will offer a no cross sale guarantee.

MCB has been established since 2003 and grown its business by its award winning customer service and referrals. We are not just restricted just to mortgages as we can also look at Wills, Commercial Mortgages, Personal Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Business Protection and more

Please be rest assured any referral will be dealt with efficiently and thoroughly to find the best solutions for their situation whilst keeping you updated.

When To Make a Referral

The sooner the better – It is best they seek advice at the earliest opportunity so they know what is available to them, but also before they seek advice elsewhere and you miss out on the opportunity to refer and earn.

There is always an opportunity if people are looking for any financial help, then it could be worth a discussion at no obligation to see what we can do for them.

How To Make a Referral

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    Please tick if you have full consent & you have read the disclaimer below I have permission from the person I am referring for you to contact them.