Please see an article in Financial Reporter we collaborated with Simply Biz helped provide a real life case study for finding a solution for the Later Life lending market.

We looked at some clients whose best laid plans had suffered as a result of the all-too-common cause of life getting in the way! In this case, financial disruption had occurred because one of the clients had retired early due to ill health; although this case happened pre-Covid-19, unexpected financial changes have become more common than ever over the past twelve months. Having to stop work due to ill-health, changing one’s hours to care for an unwell or vulnerable family member and redundancy are just a few examples of scenarios happening more and more often in the current climate.

We also see the first instance of what will become a fairly regular theme in these case studies; the need to address a client’s perception of what equity release is, how it works and what it means to them. Those working in the later life lending market – both advising and lenders themselves – have taken enormous strides to deal with lingering misconceptions of equity release in today’s market, and we hope this work is starting to resonate more and more with consumers.

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